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About Me and my 928’s

My name is Paul Lacey and I am an absolute fan of the Porsche 928. My uncle Alan is the guilty party for this. When I was a young lad he had a brand new 928, a white S4. It would have been around 1987. It was the most amazing thing I had seen on four wheels and after a short drive I fell in love with the 928. But I never thought I could own one myself.

Then in 2000, by complete chance, I came across a 928S2 that was so cheap I had to buy it. It had blown head gaskets and who knows what else but mechanical things have never scared me. The first engine rebuild I tackled was at 14 years old, an NSU Quickly moped. Since those days engines, gearboxes, overdrives that I’ve rebuilt are into the dozens. So, how hard can it be I thought, an engine is an engine! So I bought it, phoned the AA to say my head gasket had gone, and got transported home.

There followed three months of very heavy duty learning. I bought a full Porsche workshop manual, several volumes and skimmed through it all. Fixed the engine and all the little things which didn’t work properly. This is my “keeper” I will never sell, a very rare colour Turquoise 928 S2

Joined the 928 org community 928.org.uk and continued the learning process. Then I spotted a dream 928, a 1989 928GT with very low mileage but a blown up engine. Baltic blue with cream interior and I had to have it! The most complex of the Porsche V8 engines this one with 32 valves, quite different to the S2. But in the main it’s the same engine. So this time it was a complete engine rebuild. The engine came in boxes with the car. Crankshaft, two conrods, two pistons were scrap. I took my time and seven months later the car was on the road (and track). What a great car !

However, I had always fancied a Guards Red 928 and in 2008 came across an S4. Sold the GT and bought it. This time only minor electrical work required, bit of tidying, and rebuild of power steering rack.

Then, disaster ! after 30 years of driving with no accidents, convictions, or claims, I put my much loved 928 under the back of a Range Rover at 30 mph. The entire front of a 928 is aluminium, the rear of a Range Rover is made of steel girders. My 928 was a write off.

There followed a long search, this time it had to be another GT but in Guards Red and black interior — hens teeth to find. It took a while....

Up until now I’ve owned 14 928’s, they come and go almost as often as my motorbikes (I’ve owned over 100 of them). But my “keeper” always remains, the Turquoise S2 with S4 rear end and teardrop mirrors — if you see one that colour it’s me, there’s a Turquoise GTS in Florida — that wouldn't be me ;-)

But I enjoy working on these cars as much as driving them, maybe more.

This has resulted in me working on dozens of different 928’s for their owners. Sometimes just sorting out “niggles” but sometimes removing and rebuilding engines.

I’ve also built a couple of supercharged monsters, both 16v and 32v

Because of this I’m fully kitted out with JDS SharkTuner and can tune the ECU’s and burn custom EPROM chips for them.

Other projects I’ve done involve returning cars to the road after substantial years away.

“Engine refresh” is also a speciality.............. Here’s “one I did earlier”


It did look like this (as most do) .....