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Applicable to all 32v 928ís

A high quality Stainless Steel braided fuel hose for replacement of the original rubber type which can puncture due to abrasion against the oil filler neck.

All 32v 928 models, CS SE S4 GT GTS


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928GT Net ó Product: SS Fuel Hose

The original hose carries high pressure fuel to the fuel injector rails from the fuel pump.

The fuel pressure is around 55psi in this pipe.

It is located close under the oil filler neck and it is very common for a small nick to be cut into this hose by the hard plastic of the filler neck.

This can result in a pin hole in the hose which will spray atomised fuel under the bonnet of the car with possible dire results !


The hose is no longer available from Porsche

The replacement hose is Stainless Steel braided with stainless fittings.

It is made to the highest quality and is a simple direct replacement for the original hose.


The new hose has a PTFE liner which is proof against modern unleaded fuels.

It is rated at 3,600 psi

The hose is rated for Ė50C to +250C


In addition, since this hose is very obvious across the front of the engine, it is also a nice cosmetic update as well as being a safety update.

Above: new SS hose fitted to 1991 928GT


Fitting Instructions:

1. Engine must be cold and preferably been off overnight to allow static pressure to fall away.

2. To remove the old hose you MUST counter hold the fittings on fuel rail and pressure regulator with a second spanner

3. Have plenty of rag available under the fittings as a small amount of fuel will escapeóno smoking and no naked lights !

4. Replacement is a straight forward swap and again you MUST counter hold the fittings.

5. As with any work on the fuel system itís recommended that you bridge the fuel pump relay and turn on the ignition, do NOT start the engine. Check carefully for any leaks with a paper towel before turning off the ignition. Then remove the link, replace the fuel pump relay and run the engine, check for leaks again.


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